Friday, September 12, 2008

Switching from Physics to Biology

Physicists studying from the 4th edition of Intermediate Physics for Medicine and Biology may be interested in entering the field of biological physics. If so, I suggest reading “Switching From Physics to Biology: Physicists in Transition Help Shape Biological Theory” by Jennifer Ouellette (The Industrial Physicist, Volume 9, Pages 20–23, 2003). The article, which can be found online, begins
Many in physics chafe at the oft-quoted maxim that the 21st century is the “age of biology.” Others see the biological boom as offering unique opportunities for physicists—and not just in the traditional area of building instrumentation for experimental research. Physicists are well positioned by their training to contribute to the development of a theoretical framework in biology, a field that has matured to the point where sufficient quantitative data and sophisticated experimental tools exist to test biological theories.
For other physics-to-biology stories, see Yuh-Nung Jan’s interview in Current Biology and Chris Sanders story told on the Sloan-Kettering Institute website. Also, here is some advice from the Grant Doctor” published in Science

 Listen to Jennifer Ouellette talk about change. 

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