Friday, September 26, 2008

Inside Story: Physics in Medicine

The Institute of Physics has an excellent website called "Inside Story: Physics in Medicine", which contains some fascinating animations with colorful images. It is at a significantly more elementary level than the 4th Edition of Intermediate Physics for Medicine and Biology, but might be used as a fun "extra" in a medical physics class based on that book. MRI Scans, Colonoscopy, PET Scans, and Radiotherapy are the featured topics.

When you first link to the webpage, you have two choices. If your computer has Macromedia Flash Plugin 7, then definitely enter the "flash" site, as it is much more interesting than the "html" site.

"Inside Story" was produced by the Institute of Physics and the Medical Research Council, a English organization that "promotes the balanced development of medical and related biological research in the UK." It was developed as part of the 2005 Einstein Year, a worldwide celebration of the one hundredth aniversary of Einstein's miraculous year, when Albert Einstein, at age 26, published his theories of Brownian motion, special relativity and the photoelectric effect.

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