Friday, September 5, 2008


While surfing the internet one evening, I stumbled upon a fascinating website that will interest readers of the 4th Edition of Intermediate Physics for Medicine and Biology. It is called "Biocurious, a biophysics blog".

"Biocurious is a weblog about biology (and physics, grad school, and miscellenaeous other things!) through the eyes of physicists."

As best I can tell, Biocurious is maintained entirely by two graduate students, Andre Brown of the University of Pennsylvania and Philip Johnson of the University of Toronto. The blog is interesting, well-written, and provides insight into the interface between physics and biology, as well as the lifestyle of biological physics grad students. One enjoyable feature of this site is the "molecule of the month" (from the protein data bank), and another is the extended list of other related blogs, which I have only begun to explore. I particularly like their header image, a picture by David Goodsell of a macrophage and bacterium at a magnification of 2,000,000.

Nice blog, Andre and Philip.

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