Friday, January 11, 2013

5th Edition of Intermediate Physics for Medicine and Biology

Russ Hobbie and I are starting to talk about a 5th edition of Intermediate Physics for Medicine and Biology, and we need your help. We would like suggestions and advice about what changes/additions/deletions to make in the new edition.

We have prepared a survey to send to faculty members who we know have used IPMB as the textbook for a class they taught. However, our list may be incomplete, and input from any teacher, student, or reader would be useful. So, below is a copy of the survey. Please send responses to any or all of the questions to Russ (

  1. What chapters did you cover when teaching from the 4th edition of IPMB?
  2. Were the homework problems appropriate?
  3. In the 4th edition we added a chapter on Sound and Ultrasound to IPMB. If we were to add one new chapter to the 5th edition, what should the topic be?
  4. Would color significantly improve the book for your purposes? How much extra money would you be willing to pay if the 5th edition contained many color pictures?
  5. What is the best feature of IPMB? What is the worst?
  6. Is the end-of-chapter list of symbols useful?
  7. Do your students use the Appendices? Suppose to save space one Appendix had to be deleted: which one should go?
  8. Did you have access to the solution manual? Was it useful? The solution manual we prepared using different software than the book itself. Did you see a noticeable difference in the quality of the book and the solution manual?
  9. Would you like students to have access to the solution manual?
  10. Did you use any information on the book website, such as the errata or text from previous editions?
  11. Are you aware of the book blog? Did you find it useful when teaching from IPMB? Do you find it interesting?
  12. How important is having a paperback version of the book?
  13. What other textbooks did you consider besides IPMB? If IPMB did not exist, what book would you use for your class?


  1. Matlab toolkit, therapeutic ultrasound, weblinks, online course.

  2. Color addition seems low yield.

    Appendix C can walk the plank, then Appendix A the heave-ho.

    I personally like the symbols, but would love all in one place (ideally front/back inside covers for rapid access)

    Some continuum mechanics would be nice addition at this level.

    Love the problems/solution set. Very important to have access to solutions.

    Paperback is okay too for budget-minded and as an extra to carry around. What about a Kindle or iPad version that has the code-enabled as a toolkit for the working (wo)man.

    Great textbook over-all. Best of breed in my opinion.