Friday, June 17, 2011

Opus 200

In August 2007 I began posting entries to this blog, in order to highlight topics discussed in the 4th edition of Intermediate Physics for Medicine and Biology. Since then, I have posted an entry every Friday morning, without fail. This is my 200th (excluding two rare non-Friday posts).

Why do I keep this blog? First, I hope it sells books. Second, I want a way to keep the book up-to-date. Third, some topics Russ and I only mention in passing, and this blog lets me explore these issues in more detail. Fourth, in the blog I often feature past scientists who contributed to the intersection between physics and biology. Fifth and finally, I enjoy it. I like writing, and I find the topics fascinating.

I get some help. Russ Hobbie often sends me ideas and suggestions. My daughter Kathy posted some key entries when I was in Paris and had very limited computer access. I particularly like comments (thanks Debbie). Feel free to voice your opinion. (However, I’m glad the bozo who posted links to porno sites in the comments has stopped.) I hope the readers find this blog useful.

Remember, the book website contains many useful items, including an errata (listing all known errors in the book), a reprint of our 2009 Resource Letter that appeared in the American Journal of Physics, a link to an interview with Russ Hobbie that appeared in the December 2006 Newsletter of the Division of Biological Physics, which is part of the American Physical Society, and (my personal favorite) a link to Russ Hobbie’s MacDose video on YouTube.

Finally, if you use Facebook, you can join the group “Intermediate Physics for Medicine and Biology” and receive postings about the book there.


  1. I'm just so glad I get an email about your new postings. Usually, I'm just a lurker, but I sure do enjoy the entries. :)

  2. Russ Hobbie's videos are Awesome! I read your blog for one reason: I find something interesting and useful in every one.