Friday, August 22, 2008

Still More From The Preface

From the Preface.
The Fourth Edition [of Intermediate Physics for Medicine and Biology] follows the tradition of earlier editions. The book now has a second author: Bradley J. Roth of Oakland University. Both of us have enjoyed this collaboration immensely. We have added a chapter on sound and ultrasound, deleting or shortening topics elsewhere, in order to keep the book only slightly longer than the Third Edition. Some of the deleted material is available at the book’s website:
The Fourth Edition has 44% more end-of-chapter problems than the Third Edition; most highlight biological applications of the physical principles. Many of the problems extend the material in the text. A solutions manual is available to those teaching the course. Instructors can use it as a reference or provide selected solutions to their students. The solutions manual makes it much easier for an instructor to guide an independent-study student. Information about the Solutions Manual is available at the book’s website...

Biophysics is a very broad subject. Nearly every branch of physics has something to contribute, and the boundaries between physics and engineering are blurred. Each chapter could be much longer; we have attempted to provide the essential physical tools. Molecular biophysics has been almost completely ignored: excellent texts already exist, and this is not our area of expertise. This book has become long enough.

We would appreciate receiving any corrections or suggestions for improving the book.

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