Friday, March 7, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to the 4th Edition of Intermediate Physics for Medicine and Biology! Determining the precise date to celebrate is difficult, but one year ago this week (March 2) I received an email from my coauthor Russ Hobbie saying that an advance copy of our textbook had arrived at his house. This first anniversary is an appropriate time to thank all our readers for their support and encouragement. Without our dear readers, writing our book would have been a pointless exercise. Russ and I have heard from several instructors who are using our text for a class on biological or medical physics. We are grateful that you chose our book for your class. To the students in those classes, we hope we have not caused you too much grief. To all of you who have offered your kind words and compliments, they are greatly appreciated. And a special thank you to those who have pointed out and helped us correct mistakes. You can find a list of known mistakes, and other information, at the book's website.

Two weeks ago another landmark passed unnoticed. February 21 was the 6-month anniversary of this blog. I will keep posting weekly entries as long as I have anything useful to say (and perhaps longer). I hope the blog has served as a valuable supplement to the book.

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