Friday, February 8, 2008

Teaching Medical Physics

In the journal Physics Education (Volume 41, Pages 301–306, 2006) is an article by Gibson, Cook, and Newing about “Teaching Medical Physics.” They write
Medical Physics provides immediate and accessible examples that can assist in the teaching of a range of science subjects. To help teachers, we have produced a teaching pack that will be sent to all UK secondary schools in June 2006 and will be available from Here we discuss the advantages of teaching using applications drawn from Medical Physics, careers in Medical Physics, and some sources of other Medical Physics-related teaching resources.
Their website contains many excellent color pictures and videos that could be used to augment our static, black and white 4th edition of Intermediate Physics for Medicine and Biology. They aim for a lower level and younger audience and than we do in our book, but their power-point presentations might be useful supplementary aids when introducing some of the topics covered in our text.

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