Friday, January 4, 2008

More from the Preface

From the preface of the 3rd edition of Intermediate Physics for Medicine and Biology, written by Russ Hobbie:

"This intended to serve as a text for an intermediate course taught in a physics department and taken by a variety of majors. Since its primary content is physics, I hope that physics faculty who might shy away from teaching a conventional biophysics course will consider teaching it. I also hope that research workers in biology and medicine will find it a useful reference to brush up on the physics they need or to find a few pointers to the current literature in a number of areas of biophysics. (The bibliography in each chapter is by no means exhaustive; however, the references should lead you quickly into a field.) The course offered at the University of Minnesota is taken by undergraduates in a number of majors who want to see more physics with biological applications and by graduate students in physics, biophysical sciences, biomedical engineering, physiology, and cell biology."

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